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Coolest Clark Kent Halloween Costume

This year, our 4-year-old wanted to be Clark Kent and so the quest began. However, after analyzing what we needed, it ended up being rather easy and the result was great. In the end, all we needed was a pair of plastic glasses and a hat, because we already had a suit (for church) and numerous Superman shirts, underoos, etc.

We found both the hat and glasses at a thrift store and made slight modifications. We added a black hat ribbon (the original was white and didn’t look right) and for the glasses, we took out the lenses (sunglasses). My wife thought the glasses were too big, but I reminded her about the size of Christopher Reeve’s glasses in the original Superman movie and she agreed they were perfect!

The best part of the whole experience was when people weren’t sure about whom our son was dressed as, therefore making the reveal absolutely classic! Our son loved it!

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