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Cool Wonder Woman and Clark Kent Couple Costume

For the Wonder Woman costume, I used a red tank top and blue high waisted shorts.  I got white felt, cut our stars, and glued them all over the front of the shorts.

I used a gold metallic fabric for the belt and hot glued a velco strip on it so it was easier to put on.  I used the same fabric and velco process for the wrist bands.  For the belt, I bought gold rope-like fabric at the craft store and looped it through the belt, securing it with a saftey pin.  The crown was made with metallic gold scrapbook paper, with a cut out red star hot-glued to the front.  Lastly, I bought white litas (shoes) from necessary clothing to complete the look.

For Clark Kent, he wore black dress pants and a white dress shirt (slightly unbuttoned) with a superman shirt underneath.  To complete the businessman / nerd look, he added black suspenders, a skinny black tie, and clear-glass wide-frame glasses.

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