Coolest Superman Phone Booth

I wanted to share my costume with my son, so we decided to be Superman and coming out of a phone booth. I made the costume out of a wardrobe box. It comes complete with Clark Kent dress shirt and glasses, a public phone with phone cord (in the rear), and a crinkled front page of the Daily Planet (on the other side).

We walked the streets of Manhattan with our Superman Phone Booth costume, and I overheard a lot of moms explaining the costume to their kids (because the current cell phone generation does not know what a phone booth is!) Speaking of cell phones, I was surprised how many people whipped out their’s to snap a picture of us. I hope the photo does it justice!

Wardrobe box
Aluminum Foil
Tape (clear and foil)
Baby Dress Shirt
Black Shoe Box
Curly Phone cord
Black Paper

-Cut “windows” in the booth
-Lined with foil (using)glue stick) and taped to secure edges
-Glued black shoe box in the back and dangled a phone cord
-Cut Clark Kent glasses out of black paper
-Draped baby dress shirt over booth and taped glasses on it
-Made the “Phone” sign on the computer, printed it out, cut in a capsule shape, and pasted it on the top

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