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Coolest Homemade Cereal Box Costumes

We love cereal! The “we” being three juniors and three seniors in Pittsburgh, PA where they all play high school volleyball together. The idea transpired during our very last volleyball game we would ever play in together. Tears should have been flowing as reality sunk in that this was the end of our three-year journey together; however, childish excitement about being Homemade Cereal Box Costumes for Halloween overshadowed any sadness.

To make the cereal boxes, transparencies were made of the actual boxes, which was then projected onto a piece of white posterboard. After tracing the cereal box’s design on the posterboard, each person painted their image. It may have taken us ALL night of non-stop work to finish one side, but the finished look and feeling of personal accomplishment was worth it. The back of each costume is designed to look like a normal cereal box with crossword puzzles, word searches, pictures, and nutrition information.

On the left side of each box is a copy of the cereal’s nutrition facts, which was proportionally enlarged and pasted on. The boxes are made out of foam board and wax paper was used to imitate a cereal’s bag. Corresponding ribbon secured the box on each person’s shoulders.

Giant spoons were made from dowel rods, a paper bowl, and aluminum foil to complete the look.
We six cereal boxes with our gigantic spoons were a hit at our high school, the mall, and the grocery store where we posed in the cereal aisle with our real box. We may have gone a little overboard with our Halloween costumes, but the memories we made and the looks and smiles we received from each passerby was priceless.

Cereal Box Costume

Cereal Box Costume

Cereal Box Costume

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  1. These are awesome! I was thinking of being Lucky Charms for Halloween this year and this is totally gonna help me out! The costumes look awesome! I’m glad that you guys had fun with it ^^


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