Coolest Homemade Blind Justice Costume

Every year I search the internet for the the perfect idea for my Halloween costume. And this year I wanted to be totally original, trying something that I’ve never seen before. I was looking at several options and decided to do a bronze statue of Blind Justice Costume.

The costume was relatively easy to put together. At my local fabric store I purchased three yards of a sheer bronze material, which was on sale, in time for Halloween. I also went to the costume store and bought gold hairspray, gold makeup and a sword (which I spray painted gold.) The scales were a little harder to find, but I bought them on e-bay for about $15.00.

First I curled my hair with a curling iron and put it in a high ponytail, and sprayed with the gold hairspray, and put on the makeup, which covered all of my exposed skin. I cut a narrow piece of fabric, for the blindfold (the fabric was sheer enough to see through) and I wrapped the rest of the material in a no-sew toga with directions from e-how.

Carried the scales and the sword and I was done. The entire costume cost about $30.00.

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  1. Loved your costume, was looking at prisoner of love, convict, you can see the theme that led me to more original thinking….Found you under blind justice..I’m in Fort Worth also…when was this photo taken?


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