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Coolest Homemade Black Bird and Peacock Couple Costume

Materials for body:
*Long black blazer style jacket (Thrift store $5)
*Big fake ficus tree (Thrift store $10)
*3 cans black spray paint
*2-5 black feather boas (depending on thickness)
*Lots of hot glue/glue gun

1. Paint the leaves of the ficus tree with black spray paint (clean dust off leaves first so the paint will stick.)
2. Cut the leaves off the tree.
3. Hot glue individual leaves onto the jacket, overlapping to look like feathers. I glued the entire body area, but not the arms.
4. Hot glue feather boas around the bottom of the jacket and on arms.

Materials for feet:
*Masking tape
*Black paint
*Black shoe laces

1. Scrunch newspaper into the shape of a claw. (For 6 total claws.)
2. Cover each claw in masking tape and then tape three claws together for each foot.
3. Paint black
4. Attach to shoe with black shoe string. (My husband used red while I wasn’t paying attention!)

Other materials:
*Black kinky wig
*Black tights
*Crow mask (I found on eBay)


*Materials for body:
*Blue, shiny bustier or corset
(Must lace up in the back!)
*Peacock fan (bought on eBay from bidgarden168)
*15 peacock feathers with long stems
*Extra thick black feather boa
*Black ribbon

1. Hot glue fan at base so it stays open.
2. Sew the feather boa to the back part of the corset, making the center the longest portion, the sides are shorter.
3. Attach fan to bustier/corset by weaving black ribbon through fan and through bustier where it laces up. This is the trickiest part. You have to put keep trying it on to make sure the fan is in the right position before tying it.

Other materials:
*Long black gloves (I glued feather boas to them)
*Tiny top hat with netting and peacock feathers glued to it.
*Fishnet stockings
*Long false eyelashes with little balls on the ends.
*Lots of blue eye makeup
*Blue hair extensions
*Feather necklace that I painted blue

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