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Coolest Homemade Beyonce Costume

I’ve always been a Beyonce fan, and the single ladies video was so viral I knew the homemade Beyonce costume would be easily recognized. My friends and I came up with the idea while we were on vacation and heard the song for the 10 millionth time :).

I wore 4 pairs of tan hose to get my legs dark, waterproof make up in the darkest available shade for my face, neck and arms, bought a clip on ponytail extension for my hair, my mom helped with making the 1 sleeve bodysuit with a throw pillow stuffed in the back, add a huge fake diamond ring and voila! Instant Beyonce!

This homemade Beyonce costume was pretty inexpensive, with the fake ponytail coming in first for most expensive piece at $17 from a local beauty supply (like Sally’s). The hose came from Wal-mart, where you can buy a pack of 3 pair for about $4. The bodysuit came from a dance store, it was originally long sleeved, but my mom cut off the other sleeve and hemmed it to make it 1 shoulder.

Also, if you have a short torso like me, you can buy the childrens x-large size leotard for about half the price of an adult one. Glove was sparkly material from any craft store, and the ring came from the little girl’s dress up section of the toy department at Wal-mart. The make-up was Maybelline brand. If you like it then you should put a ring on it!

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Beyonce Costume”

  1. I am impressed with this costume! As I was browsing at how you made this costume, I was listening to “Single Ladies”.

  2. great outfit …. how did you make the lower section of the leotard …. i can’t tell in the pic if its undershorts showing or added material for flare ?


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