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Coolest Homemade Atari Cartridge Kaboom Costume

This Homemade Atari Cartridge Kaboom costume was inspired by another Atari cartridge on this site.

I was laid off from work, and needed to come up with something I could make using supplies I already had. It’s simple to make, but I’ll give details just in case someone needs some ideas. (Using a Sheriff’s uniform shirt that I had, I also made a second costume underneath, in case I decided to take the box off at some point.)

Cardboard box
Colored paper
Glue stick (or any glue that won’t moisten/warp the paper)

Black Spray-paint (black paper, another kind of paint, or duck tape can be used)
White Paint (letters can be cut from paper as well)
Paint Brush if painting on letters

1. I cut out the bottom of a cardboard box, and then a hole for my head and two holes for my arms.
2. I then used two coats of spray-paint to paint the box black.
3. Next, I glued on 4 pieces of colored printer paper for the pink background.
4. I didn’t have black paper, so I spray-painted white paper and waited for it to dry.
5. Once it was dry, I cut it to size, and then cut green construction paper down to size and glued it onto the black paper.
6. After that, I glued on a white strip of paper to the top of the green piece, and proceeded to cut out the black details (stripes, bombs etc.).
7. Once that was finished, I added the last few dots of white paper, then glued the entire thing into position on the box.
8. I then used a ruler and scissors to draw and cut out the letters of KABOOM.
9. Once that was in place, I opted to paint on the remaining letters using white acrylic paint and a paint brush.

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