Coolest Homemade Animal of The Muppets Halloween Costume

My daughter teaches Kindergarten in a local grade school. This school has a great idea – before Halloween, all the staff vote on a ‘theme’ for their Halloween costumes that year. This year’s theme is ‘Rock Star’. My first reaction was ‘great – that is so simple – I am off the hook this year in the costume design process’. WRONG. Teaching 5 year old’s, my daughter wanted a costume that 5 year old’s would love and relate to – AND – by no means was she going to be a ‘girly Hannah Montannah’ (she is also the local high school volleyball coach and had an image to uphold). So – dad spoke up this year – what about Animal from the Muppets? UGH – that is when my work on the hardest costume ever began. I had to make a Animal of The Muppets Halloween Costume.

I bought a very cheap stretchy orange fur like fabric for the body suit. I borrowed one of my daughter’s Under Armour tight body shirts and made my own pattern. I then traced her hand and elongated the fingers until the hands fit like gloves. We then cut up an old pair of jean and a rock t-shirt.

Time for the hard part – that crazy, crazy head. For this, we borrowed a friends softball helmet. I used a paper plate folded in half to make the mouth. Black and red felt for the mouth and tongue, white foam for the teeth… Styrofoam balls for the eyes and nose (nose one was spray painted red first). How to do the crazy fur and unibrow? Ah hah – feather boa’s from the craft store! Perfect. Last touch – neck collar and chain from the local dollar store.

What seemed impossible at first – turned out to be my best costume yet!