Coolest Muppets Group Costumes

Our family is crazy for the Muppets so I tried my hand at crafting a Homemade Muppets Group Costumes of three of our favorites.

Kermit was by far the easiest. I searched the web for an appropriately green hoodie and leggings (my son is young enough not to be horrified at wearing girls’ leggings.), purchased two pairs of dollar store green gloves, some green felt, green fun foam and some Model Magic. From there, I stitched a large hood with neck closure to fit over the hoodie. I added some stuffing and stitched the two hoods together. I cut out a neck fringe from the fun foam and attached to the neck of the hoodie.

The eyes are crafted from Model Magic with pupils painted on after drying and then glue gunned to the hood. I stuffed one pair of gloves with stuffing and attached to the bottom of the leggings. When he put the costume on, I pinned the feet to his sneakers. He put on the leggings, the hoodie and the second pair of gloves for hands and it turns out it is pretty easy being green.

Miss Piggy’s trademark ears and snout were made from more Model Magic. Once dry they were painted the right color pink. The ears were glue gunned to a fancy headband and the snout was added to a half-face cloth mask that I had painted some big eyes on. I got a pattern from the fabric store and sewed a fancy gown for our Miss Piggy although any fancy dress would do. We added opera gloves, a faux diamond ring and silver shoes to complete her look. My daughter was more than happy to go around screaming, “Hi-ya” and karate chopping unwary passerby to help them ‘get’ her character.

Animal was by far the most difficult costume. Our own drummer insisted on that character, though, so we did our best. The head’s base is a large piece of corrugated cardboard, cut into a circle with a center circle cut out to fit over our son’s head. I stitched two large half-circles of orange felt together to make the head’s dome. The dome was stuffed with filling and attached over the cardboard circle – using the edges of felt to glue it to the bottom of the cardboard. Felt ties were sewn in to the inside top of the head and dangled out through the head opening to secure the whole thing under my son’s chin. Another piece of cardboard was cut for the bottom jaw, covered with orange and black felt and attached to the sides of the mouth with thread and glue.

I fashioned the eyes, nose, tongue and teeth out of Model Magic (Boy, I love that stuff!) and painted them all the appropriate colors. Once dry they were glued in the appropriate places. I purchased some feather boa in red, and some fuzzy black and red trim to attach for fur and eyebrows. Once the head was done, we created a dog collar from some plastic packaging we found and used faux chain (craft store) to hang down in front.

We cut up an old pair of jeans and used an orange l/s tee for arms with orange gloves (dollar store) for hands. You can’t see it in the pictures but there is a pair of drum sticks sticking out the back pocket. Our son’s U2 t-shirt was the final touch to finish this beloved if crazy drummer.

Homemade Muppets Group Costumes

Homemade Muppets Group Costumes

Homemade Muppets Group Costumes

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