Coolest Snoopy Halloween Costume

Snoopy Halloween Costume

When my 4 kids wanted to be the Peanuts gang for Halloween, your site was the first place I hit – and got great ideas for paper mache heads for the 3 older ones. (I made the mouths wide open for two of them so the little ones could see better. Also, I used yarn … Read more

Coolest Muppets Group Costumes

Homemade Muppets Group Costumes

Our family is crazy for the Muppets so I tried my hand at crafting a Homemade Muppets Group Costumes of three of our favorites. Kermit was by far the easiest. I searched the web for an appropriately green hoodie and leggings (my son is young enough not to be horrified at wearing girls’ leggings.), purchased … Read more