Coolest Homemade Adventures of Baron Munchausen Group Costume

I come from a competitive family where creating the ultimate Halloween costumes every year is the goal. My sister and I in particular always try to do our best to come up with something unique and well made. For my family’s theme we chose the characters from the Adventures of Baron Munchausen movie – Baron Munchausen, Adolphus, Gustavus, and Berthold.

I worked several weeks creating each individual look. All outfit pieces were sewn by me. I had to use adult patterns for the kids clothes and scale them down to size. The challenges came with getting all of the coats to fit well and finding the right materials and buttons and finishing elements. I hand dyed my daughter’s vest and stockings because we were unable to find the colors we needed.

While nobody knew exactly who we were except immediate family members, our Homemade Adventures of Baron Munchausen Group Costume did get quite a reaction from the public and we had a great time wearing them.

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  1. I have finally watched “Baron Munchausen”, and it was incredible. GREAT JOB with the homebrew costumes! And this coming from someone who’s been making his own costumes for 15 years.


    “The Oddist”, Patrick Barnes

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