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Coolest Homemade 80’s Costume

To make the top I started with a plain black t-shirt I then used a fabric paint medium to turn glow in the dark acrylic paint into a medium that worked on fabric and squirted and sprayed random streaks and splotches on the shirt. I cut the neckline open for a wider neck. I then cut a series of slits in the t-shirt and cut each of the slits open in the middle so that I ended up with one giant gaping hole. I then took the strips of fabric at the edges of the hole, I started at the top and tied them into a knot, I then moved down to the next strips of fabric down and tied them into a knot around the hanging ends of the knot above (do this with shirt on you so that it is the right size). I wore this over a bright pink tank top.

I then took an old jean skirt and created an acid wash look using bleach and a foam painting brush (use gloves and old clothes when doing this). I wore black leggings. I cut the arms off of a colourful striped sweater I found at a thrift store and hemmed and added elastic to the top to create the leg warmers

After crimping my hair in a high side pony tail and putting on some bright pink lipstick I was complete.

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