I started off this Homemade Head on a Platter Costume with a box and cut a round hole in the top. Using the cut out circle from the box as a template I used it to cut a circle out of a disposable tin serving tray so they would be the exact size. I cut the folding ends off at the bottom of the box. Using both long piece, I bent them and hot glued them inside the box to use as shoulder straps to help balance the box. I then glued the tablecloth down making a slit where the circle was and folding it under using the glue to hold it in place. I then glued the disposable serving tray down.

I took battery operated candle sticks and used hot glue on both side of the serving tray. I glued a plastic skull wine glass to the box. I used Elmer’s glue with a tint over red food coloring to look like blood. I then glued a toy eyeball in the glass along with a plastic spider. I glued a fork and a napkin to the box. I then glued a red and black rose to the box. I used spiders, rats and eyeballs to the box. I cut a slit and place a plastic knife in the box. Then I put the box over my son’s head and we had a head on a platter.