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Coolest Head on Platter Homemade Costume

Huge spaghetti and meatball dinner with salad, garlic toast and the chef!

My daughter is afraid of everything so food was a safe bet for this Head on Platter Homemade Costume! Spaghetti is her favorite dinner so I just had to bring it to life. I began with craft foam, cut out the shapes for the garlic toast, I painted the edges with brown paint for the browning look and yellow for the butter and colored some white tissue paper dark green then shredded it for the herb and glued it on the toast.

Cut out cucumber shapes which I colored the outside edge with dark green markers for the skin and adding a few pieces of rice for the seeds. The croutons were created from small square shapes of foam with brown paint on the edge and the center painted yellow using red and green markers giving the look of seasoning. White tissue paper was used for the lettuce using green neon dye, a little water, and wrinkling it, then letting it dry. Shredded the tissue paper to create the look of lettuce. Using a dark purple marker for the cabbage and orange for the carrot I colored tissue paper and then shredded both.

Shredded foam into thin strips for the look of shredded cheese. Red felt was used to make the tomatoes. The bowl was constructed from paper mache and painted brown to look like a wooden bowl. Then assembled to my liking by gluing every piece together to the bowl.

For the spaghetti and meatballs I used yellow yarn, pulled and glued it on my plate, which is craft foam board with a hole cut out in the center for her head, then added red paint for the sauce. Messy!! One red foam kids ball was cut in half to create the meatballs. Rubbed brown paint on them, glued them in place. Cut up yarn into tiny pieces and added to the meatball for the Parmesan cheese effect.

Very easy to create, took little time and lots of fun. After that I hope your ready for a real spaghetti dinner!

Head on Platter Costume

Head on Platter Costume

Head on Platter Costume

Head on Platter Costume

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  1. There are a lot of head on a plate, in a fridge, whatever costumes out there. But this one is hysterical! love, love love the spaghetti and huge meatballs. the gigantic garlic bread is a great humorous touch!
    Great Costume!


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