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Coolest Handmade SpongeBob and Bikini Bottom Pals Costumes

My friends and I decided to do a group costume. I am the only one that sews so I was nominated to make the Sponge Bob crew. I sewed Sponge Bob from some discount yellow fabric. The person wearing it really wanted her head to show so that is the look we went for.

The Patrick costume was made from pink fleece that I painted to give it more starfish texture.

Squidward was a jumpsuit with legs sewed on the sides and a mask that I made up.

Mr. Crabs was a one piece suit. I purchased 2 pair of inexpensive sweats. Put one inside the other, sewed around legs, then stuffed in between and sewed the thrift store golf shirt to the over stuffed shorts. Red sweats and red shirt underneath and I made some quick hands that were sewn to a pair of red stretchy gloves and made a hat for his head.

Sandy Cheeks was the most difficult. Trying to come up with something for a fish bowl, finally, I just used two plastic salad bowls glued together with bottom cut out of bottom and made sure to glue a flower made of felt on top.

We didn’t win a prize for our handmade Spongebob and Bikini Bottom Pals costumes, but were runner up. Had an awesome night!

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