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Coolest Handmade Gene Simmons Costume

Well, let’s start with that I made this Gene Simmons costume, with many saying “You can buy that whole costume”.  True, you now can, but a few years ago when I made it, the next year is when the already made version became available. Second, the costume you buy, wouldn’t fit either, as is made for someone not even real life size of Gene-6-01’/225.

After many hours of patterns, and cutting vinyl, it had to be completely sewn together yet. I then began the tedious duty of hundreds of push through, and bend tabs studs. The  items I did order were the boots and wig, boots primarily tough to find platforms in a size 12.  The pants were basic pair of thicknspandex, and added the studded triangle openings.

I have learned that a quality make-up, I use Ben-Nye, is worth it’s weight, as I go 7-8hrs at least, with no problems.  Hope you all enjoy the costume, and are KISS fans!

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