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Coolest Guns N Roses Costume

The kids and I LOVE Guns N Roses and what better way to show your age than having them dress up like the two main members?

My son is Slash. His costume was made simple by using a wig and a homemade top hat we made out of neoprene material from a hand made pattern. My daughter is Axl and her costume includes a homemade kilt we sewed up from a pattern and hand drawn tattoos to mimic Axl’s real tattoos! The hair is her natural hair and she grew it out all year just for this costume! She intends on donating it to Locks of Love for wigs to be made out of it for cancer patients after Halloween!

We have had a real ball this year with making these convincing costumes and have received much applaud for recreating THE best band from the 80’s and 90’s!

Thanks for looking and God Bless!

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