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Guns N Roses Last-Minute Couple Halloween Costume

I created this costume while I was doing my hair! I have naturally curly hair and one day it wasn’t cooperating, it just kept getting bigger and bigger! I live in Oregon, so the wet weather doesn’t do curly hair Amy favors. I was silently cursing my genetics when I thought, trying to find the positive in a really annoying situation, “Hey, I could do a really great Slash costume with this crazy hair.” Fast forward 9 months to October and I find myself thinking, “what are we doing for Halloween?! I usually have our costumes made by this thime. Then I remembered, THE HAIR! So I talked (more like told) my husband into the Axl Rose costume. This isn’t an exact copy of the rock stars, rather my interpretation of them. I wanted to maintain my femininity, so it’s the female version of Slash. It’s thrift store costumes at their finest! So we geared up and headed to our favorite watering hole for their annual Halloween bash and costume contest. As soon as we walked in the cocktail waitress grabbed us and told us we HAD to enter the contest. So we entered the best couples costume. We were pretty bummed when we didn’t win the best couple. But, they had a surprise category! Best costume overall. Guess who won? We did! It was so much fun, and one of my best last minute costumes!

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