Coolest Guns N Roses Costume

Homemade Slash and Axl Costumes

The kids and I LOVE Guns N Roses and what better way to show your age than having them dress up like the two main members? My son is Slash. His costume was made simple by using a wig and a homemade top hat we made out of neoprene material from a hand made pattern. … Read more

Coolest DIY Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

DIY Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume

This is my daughter Jonna dressed as Edward Scissorhands in 2010. She loves all things Tim Burton so this DIY Edward Scissorhands Halloween costume was an easy choice. The base of the costume is simple stretch pants that look like leather and a black shirt. All of the belts and “hardware” on her costume are … Read more