Coolest Germ Costume

Hello, my name is Laura, I’m a senior in high school, and I make crazy costumes for my school’s spirit week and for Halloween. This costume was for Doctor Day, so I was a germ.

This was my favorite example of reusing and recycling of costumes. If you look up Mr. Potato Head on this site, you will understand. I used the exact same cardboard frame and basically just repainted it.

The purple tentacles are small pipe insulation that I bought at a craft store and painted purple. Careful with this. The pipe insulation is made of a plastic-based material that does not absorb paint well. Throughout the day, bits of purple paint flecks came off all over the place!

The greenish yellow glop all over the costume is Fun String. It comes in a can and when it dries, it sticks remarkably well!

The mouth is made of construction paper and I just used green face paint on my arms and legs.

Fun and scary!

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6 thoughts on “Coolest Germ Costume”

  1. Where can I buy one?? I am getting ready to launch a major Flu vaccine clinic and this would be a great way to increase compliance.

  2. I love your home made germ costume.
    Doing a trade show in 2 weeks in SLC Utah.
    The product we are talking about is UV lights they kill germs, virus, and bacteria.
    Would you make me one?
    801 973-4333

    Thank you


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