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Coolest Homemade Leukocyte and the Germ Costume

My 4 year old son LOVES germs and bacteria. He told me he wanted to be a white Blood Cell (a leukocyte) and he wanted his little brother to be the germ so he could “protect the world from germs-or his little brother”.

The Homemade Leukocyte and the Germ Costume is made from half of a queen sized mattress pad tied at the waist with a ribbon drawstring to “puff it out”. The pieces on the WBC are white fuzzy yarn wrapped around the stretchy clear necklace product for making your own jewelry. I simply folded the plastic pieces in half, wrapped the plastic with the yarn and sewed them on.

I finished it off with a white turtleneck shirt, shorts and black and white high top shoes!
My germ is a machine sewn fleece jumpsuit with colored fuzzy yard knotted and sewn on the outfit. It Velcros at the shoulder for easy on/off. I dressed him in a matching orange or green shirt underneath.

Finally, I identified each molecule with a label printed on fabric that was run through our printer.

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