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Coolest Gameboy Costume

My son loved playing his Gameboy so much that I was certain he would become a part of it. So we decided to put him into his game by making him a gameboy costume.

I started off with 2 computer boxes. I cut a hole in the front of one to make a screen. I took a black scarf and taped inside. I cut out shoulder holes on the sides and used an old pair of suspenders to hold it on my son. I then used the other box, which I had to cut down to the size of a pizza box because it was too heavy for him to hold otherwise.

I covered both boxes in grey duct tape and silver spray paint. I used a large hinge and attached to the inside of the head box and back of the bottom box with screws and added duct tape for support. I used plastic to add his favorite game to the front and foam for the controls.

As he was trick or treating people were commenting on both sides of the streets. He also won 1st prize in our local contest. It was real fun to make and watch. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Great costume! I have a question. Where on the box did you cut the shoulder holes and how exactly did the straps go through it?
    Thanks much


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