Coolest Skittles Costume

Skittles Costume

Every Sunday at church a gentleman gives my son a bag of skittles. I told him if he didn’t stop one day my son would turn into a bag of skittles, so this year we made it happen. We made him a skittles costume. I took a large vinyl lined tablecloth, a large man’s red … Read more

Coolest Gameboy Costume

A Live Gameboy Costume

My son loved playing his Gameboy so much that I was certain he would become a part of it. So we decided to put him into his game by making him a gameboy costume. I started off with 2 computer boxes. I cut a hole in the front of one to make a screen. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ohio State Buckeye Brutus Mascot Costume

Homemade Ohio State Buckeye Brutus Mascot Costume

As a family that bleeds Scarlet & Grey, being Buckeye Brutus was what my son wanted for Halloween. So where to begin this Ohio State Buckeye Brutus Mascot Costume? First, I printed out some pictures of our favorite mascot to use as a guide. Then I purchased red sweats & a plain red baseball hat … Read more