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Coolest French Man Costume

This French Man Costume is when my son was 1. I decided to make him a French Man for Halloween. I mean who doesn’t like a baby in a mustache with a loaf of bread.

I made a black and white tight shirt out of an old woman’s shirt from Goodwill. I cut it out and sewed it on the machine. Then created a red scarf from fabric.

Then I bought a pair of too small black pants so I can make them high waisted on my son. The beret I found online and I bought an adult mustache and trimmed it a little. Add a loaf of bread and some slicked down hair and you have a French man.

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  1. Do you remember what website you found the beret? and what did you do with the pants are they cuffed at the bottom, red trim??? Are they short on him?


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