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Coolest Gangster Costumes

These gangster costumes were for a Halloween party 3 years ago.

We bought most of my husband’s costume at a thrift store. The watch chain was really just a simple chain that we pinned inside the pockets. For his spats, I cut up an old pair of sport socks and sewed them together under his dress shoe. He smudged black eyeliner under his nose for a mustache. We bought a black derby style hat and I modified it to look more like a gangster’s hat.

My costume required a little more work! I bought a long black dress from a thrift store and cut it shorter. I sewed fringe that I bought from Wal-Mart to the bottom. I also bought plastic beads from Wal-Mart and then glued the ends together. (I had two necklaces on… one short and one really long one.)

I made the headband using black stretchy sequined ribbon and white feathers. I had long black gloves, a gaudy fake diamond ring and black beaded bracelets. I bought a plastic cigarette hold and made a fake cigarette. I wore simple fishnet stockings and an old pair of high heeled shoes.

We also used these costumes last year except I wore a blond wig (and was pregnant) and we went as Bonnie and Clyde after their first big heist!

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  1. well my bf falls in to the gangsta stereotype …pants falling down..chains.. all that stuff. So i told him we should be an old fashioned gangster couple for Halloween, it seems like a good idea!!
    i love your costumes ..You were very detailed
    THANK YOU for your help :)


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