Coolest Freddy Kruger Costume

I’ve always wanted to be Freddy for Halloween, but I never wanted to wear a mask. This year I took on the challenge of creating a Freddy Kruger from scratch!

I did the makeup by first using liquid latex to draw and form many different shapes out onto plastic sheets, and let them dry. Once the shapes dried, I was able to powder them and individually apply them onto my own face using liquid latex as a glue. Once all the shapes were placed on my face/bald cap, and the liquid latex dried, the process of painting the burn marks began!

This was the longest part of the entire makeup creation, because I had about 100 individual shapes that needed to first be colored with a base color, and then painted individually with fill or shadow techniques to give each indentation some life. Needless to say, the makeup turned out great!! The best part about using liquid latex, is that you are creating your own mask, once all the individual pieces are placed and glued, they will all peel off as 1 giant mask, instead of 100’s of individual pieces.

The sweater was made from cutting up a red turtleneck. I spray painted the green lines on the sweater by using duct tape to form the lines, and then first using a base color of white paint, followed by hunter green.

I hope you like what you see!

Freddy Kruger Costume

Freddy Kruger Costume

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