Coolest Fly Costume

My oldest son was going as a praying mantis, so we decided his little brother needed to be a fly. I created this Homemade Fly Costume over night with materials I had at home. The body is a pant and shirt set sewn out of grey felt. The wings were are made from 2 wire coat hangers, white panty hose, electrical tape and a sharpie marker.

I bent the hangers into ‘wing’ shapes and then stretched panty hose over them. I taped them at the top and then cut off the excess wire and material. After making sure all cut ends were covered with electrical tape, I covered them with adhesive Velcro, so they would attach to the back of the felt shirt. Using the sharpie marker, I drew on the details of the wings.

The head of the fly is a black stocking hat with 2 red felt balls sewn on top and details drawn on with a black sharpie marker.

This costume was very simple and took about 2 hours to complete.

Homemade Fly Costume

Homemade Fly Costume

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