Coolest Freaky Fruit Flies Group Costume

Coolest Freaky Fruit Flies Group Costume

Every Halloween, we challenge ourselves to out-do the costumes we made the previous year. For 2022, we decided to be Fruit Flies! My husband, Steve, was the Orange Fruit Fly, my friend, Judy, was the Grape Fruit Fly, my friend, Dan, was the Banana Fruit Fly, and I was the Watermelon Fruit Fly. The fly … Read more

Cool DIY Fly Costumes and Great Ideas for Insect Costumes

Coolest Ideas for Insect Costumes

My son is crazy about bugs. We gave him ideas for insect costumes and he decided to be a fly. When my husband suggested that he be a swatted fly the idea really took off. My son picked out all of the fabric for the costume. The front is silver metallic sewed with a zigzag … Read more

Fly Costume

I needed to come up with a different idea for a costume for an older child. It gets harder every year to come up with a cool costume for an older boy (I like to dress my children up in very original costumes). I saw a commercial for the movie the fly and the costume … Read more

Coolest Fly Costume

Homemade Fly Costume

My oldest son was going as a praying mantis, so we decided his little brother needed to be a fly. I created this Homemade Fly Costume over night with materials I had at home. The body is a pant and shirt set sewn out of grey felt. The wings were are made from 2 wire … Read more

Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume

Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume 4

This was originally made with the intent that one of my daughters was going to be a flyswatter, but she finally fessed up and said she really didn’t want to be a fly swatter, even though it would have given her permission for the night to swat her little brother and get away with it! … Read more

Fly Costume

Eoin had just turned 2 years of age and was a bit nervous of Halloween and all the ‘scary stuff’ so the outfit was a bit of a compromise. I had intended adding black cloth to the “flies’ head” and painting his face, but on the day/night in question he did not agree. The flies’ … Read more