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Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume

This was originally made with the intent that one of my daughters was going to be a flyswatter, but she finally fessed up and said she really didn’t want to be a fly swatter, even though it would have given her permission for the night to swat her little brother and get away with it! My son (who the fly costume was made for) said he still wanted to be a fly, so the Homemade House Fly Costume stayed.

Materials Needed –


* Heavy-Duty Wire (Mechanic?s Wire)
* Black Pipe Cleaners
* Gray Knee-High Nylons (Two pairs)
* Self-Stick Velcro
* Blue or Green Glitter Glue (OPTIONAL)
* Zip ties


* Clear glasses (can be found with sunglasses)
* Super Glue, Spray Adhesive, or Hot Glue Gun
* Googly Eyes
* Black and Pink Pipe Cleaners

Bend the wire in the shape of four oval shaped wings, and layering the top set over the bottom set.

Zip tie the sets together in the middle (you can tweak and bend the wires to your preferences later).

Use the pipe cleaners to simulate the veins in the wings by twisting one end of the pipe cleaner to the wire frame and positioning as desired (if you don’t have black pipe cleaners, you can use any color and spray paint them black).

Next, use the knee-high nylons and cover the wings, taking care not to snag them on any wires sticking out of the pipe cleaner ‘veins’. Secure the ends of the knee-highs to the middle of the wings with zip ties.

If you wish, you may take the glitter glue and brush it onto the side of the wings facing out to give it the ‘iridescent’ look. Add a strip of Velcro to the wings, attach to the costume wearer’s shirt (black works best).

For the eyes, take the glasses, and using your preferred gluing method and attach the googly eyes to the outside of the lens, as close to the outside frame of the glasses as possible, so the wearer can still see out of them.

*** Note ***
You may use any material you wish (red sequins, red rhinestones, etc.)

Next, add the black and pink pipe cleaners to the nose piece of the glasses to make the antenna and tongue of the housefly.

Grand total for making this Homemade House Fly Costume was about $6.

Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume 4

Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume 4

Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume 4

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