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Coolest Homemade Bumblebee Costume

I made this one for my 2 year old nephew. He doesn’t like getting in and out of clothing of any kind, so I had to come up with something that we could take off him easily.

Being VERY light-weight and easily removable made him a very happy boy!

Materials Needed –


* An old pretzel or cheese ball barrel (any other kind will do)
* Zip Ties
* Yellow and Black Felt OR Yellow and Black Fabric
* Spray Adhesive
* Strip of Fabric


* Corrugated Plastic
* Zip Ties
* Silver or Gold Glitter Glue or a Glue stick and * loose glitter
* Black Spray Paint or Black Felt or Black Material


* Something to form a head (I used the head off an old stuffed animal)
* Pipe Cleaners
* Yellow Spray Paint or Yellow Felt
* Clear Caulk or Clear Silicone

Tools Needed:

* Utility Knife
* Side Cutters
* Tape Measure
* Hand Drill
* Rubber Gloves

Measure the size of your barrel. Cut the corrugated plastic into two oval shapes, making sure they are 4″ longer than the barrel. These will be your wings.

Next, take your barrel and cut two slits in each side of the barrel, about an inch of the way around the barrel.

Also cut two small slits on the side that will be facing the wearer’s back. Slide the strip of fabric through the slits. Tie in a knot in the middle, making sure it is long enough to go over the shoulders, under the armpits, and tie at the back comfortably.

Drill three holes in the wings. Thread zip ties into two holes on one of the wings and one zip tie into one hole on the other wing. Then slide the wings into the slits in the barrel. Reach inside, and finish threading the zip tie ends into the empty holes and tighten down. Snip off any long ends as close to the ‘knob’ as possible.

At this point, spray paint the wings black or use the spray adhesive and cover the wings with black felt. You can tuck some extra in the slits for the wings if you so choose.

Next, grab whatever you are planning on using for a head. Make sure it is slightly larger than the opening of the barrel. Cut two slits small enough to slide the pipe cleaners through. Twist together to form the antenna. Add two yellow pipe cleaners around the tips. Set aside. Drill two holes on the opposite sides in the rim of the barrel. Slide a zip tie through.

*** NOTE

Some of the head will be inside the barrel.

Using the silicone, run a bead all the way around the inside of the top of the barrel.

Take the head part and cut small slits in the bottom of the head, and slide the rest of the zip tie through. Put on the rubber gloves, stuff the head down into the rim of the barrel (the silicone held the head in place), tighten down the two zip ties and snip off the long ends. Allow the silicone to dry.

Once the silicone has dried, you can do a few things with the head. If you want, you can spray paint it yellow or black. You can cover it with yellow or black felt. If you choose to do a yellow head, cut out black felt circles for the eyes. If you do a black head, cut out yellow circles for the eyes.

Cut the yellow and black felt into strips. If you made a yellow head, start with a black strip. If you made a black head, start with a yellow strip. Alternate the strips down the body until you get to the bottom, sticking the felt down with the spray adhesive. Cover the side facing the wearer?s back the same way

Using the glitter glue or a glue stick, draw the vein pattern on the wings. If you used a glue stick, sprinkles on the glitter and shake off any excess. A black shirt and pants may be worn to complete the Homemade Bumblebee Costume.

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