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Coolest Bug Zapper Costume

My younger sister needed a costume she could wear while sitting in a wheel chair. Being the most cynical one of us all, (and with trying to keep with the insect theme we had going), she decided to be the Bug Zapper.

This Bug Zapper Costume got the most laughs when she was pushed behind a group of 10 insects! I didn’t get any pictures of her wearing it as I was pushing her, but I did manage to throw it over my husband’s head and snap a few pics of someone wearing it :)

Here are the instructions!

Materials Needed –

* Cardboard or Corrugated Plastic
* Zip Ties
* Black Spray Paint
* 3 Blue Glow Bracelets
* 9 Blue Glow Necklaces
* Black Felt
* Plastic Window Screen

Tools Needed –

* Hand Drill
* Side Cutters
* Measuring Tape
* Stapler

Measure from the head to the elbow of the person wearing the Bug Zapper costume, adding 2″ on each side. Measure the width of the person wearing the costume, adding 2″ on each side.

Cut three sheets of cardboard this length and width. These will be the sides and the back of the costume. Cut another sheet at half the length and the same width of the previous three pieces. This will be the front of the Bug Zapper costume.

Take two of the larger pieces and cut places for it to rest on the person’s shoulders (these will be the sides of the costume).

Next, lay the pieces out. Cut four triangles 2″ wider than the sides and back pieces of the costume.

The triangles (when attached together) will form the dome (top) of the costume.

Drill holes in all the pieces and attach together with zip ties, keeping the ‘knob’ on the outside of the cardboard. Be sure to leave an allowance to add the screen later. You may also drill the holes to attach the glow necklaces later.

Add the zip ties for the glow necklaces, but do not attach them yet.

*** NOTE

Illustration is only to show where to put the holes. They are not in the exact location.

Once all the pieces are attached, snip off the long ends of the zip ties so they are flush with the ‘knob’. Spray paint the costume with the black spray paint. Set aside and allow to dry.

Slide the glow sticks into place, but do not crack them until you are ready to use the costume. Tighten the zip ties down so they will not fall out, but just enough to hold them in place until you are ready to use them.

Take the screen and start stapling it along the outside edge of the top of the Bug Zapper costume, on the underside of the top, and starting at the back of the costume. When you get to where you started, fold over and either staple or zip tie the seam shut. Leave some excess at the bottom.

*** NOTE

When you are ready to wear the Bug Zapper costume, slide the glow necklaces out and crack them to light them. Tighten down any zip ties and snip off the ends so it is flush with the ‘knob’.

You will need to either take the stapler with you when you wear the costume, or you can use heavy tape to secure the bottom of the screen to wear the costume.

You can also add a flashing blue light of some kind to simulate a bug being zapped, or glue bugs to the screen to simulate ‘zapped’ bugs.

Use spray adhesive and felt anyplace that the cardboard may rub on the wearer and cause discomfort.

Wear black pants and a black shirt to complete the Bug Zapper costume.

Coolest Bug Zapper Costume

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