That’s right,  a Bug Zapper.

When your 7 year old requests to be a bug zapper, you should say, “No”.  But I said, “Yes.”  And truth be told, it was the best Halloween EVER. Let me start by saying there are ZERO internet searches you can do to figure out how to construct a bug zapper costume. So, after about eleventy-billion trips to our local craft & hardware stores and about 7 bottles of wine later – I managed to get it done. : )

Here’s how we did it…

Black foam board was duct taped into the box formation and we used black plastic fencing material for the screens. The lights inside are actually LED glow tubes I found on-line at a place called, and they are zip tied onto the screen. Various and assorted fake bugs were hot glued onto a white shirt and all over the zapper. The metal circle hanger was made from some Christmas decor I found at the craft store. The costume goes on over your head, so I also put a soft piece of foam on the inside to rest on top of my little boy’s head for comfort. We recorded a bug zapper sound effect onto an iphone so he could make the zapper noise, too. He was the hit of the neighborhood. Happy Halloween!