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Coolest Homemade Stink Bug Baby Costume

So our little man went as a Stink Bug! The homemade Stink Bug baby costume was super simple to make. I made the back shell out of paper mache. Just blew up a balloon about the size of my baby’s back. Then I made an outline of the shell and just did paper and glue. Then I got metallic paint and painted it. Looked up pictures of bugs online so I could make a cool design.

I thought green stink bugs looked cool- but I would suggest a different color- at first glance if people didn’t look at the design they thought he was a turtle. I added two straps so it crossed across his chest- duct taped the straps to the shell then they had snaps on the end to open or close it. It came off and on super easy so he could easily ride in the car and get a diaper change if needed. He didn’t even know he was wearing it. Just crawled and moved around like normal.

For his clothes I just put him in all black. But the best part was he had his own theme song. The Ugly Bug Ball. It was perfect because the chorus is “gonna crawl, gonna crawl, gonna crawl- to the ugly bug ball…”, so I played his music for everyone at all the parties we went to. Mom dressed up like a butterfly and Dad was a black fly- so we were all the “Ugly Bug Ball”. Everyone loved it- and how cute for a little baby to be a stink bug! It was a BIG hit!

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