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Coolest Homemade Ugly Bugs Ball Group Costume

We went as the Ugly Bug Ball!

Dad was a black fly – his costume was old panty hose- around bent wire- I cut two holes in a black t-shirt so under the shirt the wires were twisted together so I didn’t have to strap on his wings and they were really easy to wear. To add a cool effect there is iridescent see-thru tissue paper underneath the panty hose to give it a shimmer. Then I put the wing details on with silver nail polish. And he wore his normal sunglasses for the perfect touch.

Mom was a butterfly- but the wings were kinda like a cape. Huge piece of felt cut out as a wing shape- then I cut out the colors where I wanted them to be and used fabric glue to put the splashes of colors in the wings. I also made it really long and put stick on the ends so I could easily grab them when they were hanging and then fan it out! It was awesome. And crazy colored eye makeup with lots of little black dot designs made with liquid eye liner.

Our little baby was a stink bug. His shell was made out of paper mache. Then I used metallic paint to do the shell design. Just crawled and moved around like normal. But the best part was we had his own theme song. The Ugly Bug Ball. It was perfect because the chorus is “gonna crawl, gonna crawl, gonna crawl- to the ugly bug ball…”. So I played our music for everyone at all the parties we went to. Everyone loved it- and how cute for a little baby to be a stink bug! It was a BIG hit!

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