Coolest Homemade Bumblebee Costume

Coolest Homemade Bumblebee Costume 9

I made this one for my 2 year old nephew. He doesn’t like getting in and out of clothing of any kind, so I had to come up with something that we could take off him easily. Being VERY light-weight and easily removable made him a very happy boy! Materials Needed – Body: * An … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Costume

Coolest Butterfly Costume 9

This was another throw-together-quickly costume. I spent nothing on it and used what I had on hand from making other costumes. Materials Needed – Wings: * Heavy-duty Wire (Mechanic?s Wire) * Zip Ties * 4 (13 Gallon) Garbage bags (Color of your choice) * Fabric Strip * Glitter Glue OR Spray Adhesive and loose glitter … Read more

Coolest Caterpillar Costume

Coolest Caterpillar Costume 6

This Caterpillar Costume was a last minute addition to our insect theme this year when my youngest sister decided she was going out with us. I whipped this one out in about an hour or so with the leftover materials I had from making several other costumes. This one cost me nothing but time, and … Read more

Coolest Bug Zapper Costume

Coolest Bug Zapper Costume

My younger sister needed a costume she could wear while sitting in a wheel chair. Being the most cynical one of us all, (and with trying to keep with the insect theme we had going), she decided to be the Bug Zapper. This Bug Zapper Costume got the most laughs when she was pushed behind … Read more

Coolest Child’s Lady Bug Costume

Coolest Child's Lady Bug Costume 8

I made these wings and antenna for my three year old niece, she is a tiny little thing, and all of the wings my sister found in the store were too big for her. Materials Needed for this Child’s Lady Bug Costume – Wings: * Heavy-duty Wire (Mechanic?s Wire) * Queen size White Knee-high Nylons … Read more

Coolest Black Widow Spider Costume

Coolest Black Widow Spider Costume 16

I made a total of 14 costumes this year, all within the insect theme. This is one of them. Black Widow Spider Costume: Materials Needed – * Body * 1 Can Spray Foam Insulation * Black Felt or Black Fabric * Red Felt or Red Fabric * Spray Adhesive * Zip Ties * 2 pieces … Read more

Coolest Dragonfly Costume

Coolest Dragonfly Costume 2

I made this one for my one of my daughters this year with the materials I had at home. Some things I had to buy, (glitter and knee-high nylons). I spent about $4 total on the things I didn’t have. Materials Needed – [Wings:] * Heavy-duty Wire (Mechanic’s Wire) * Pipe Cleaners * Knee-High Nylons … Read more

Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume

Coolest Homemade House Fly Costume 4

This was originally made with the intent that one of my daughters was going to be a flyswatter, but she finally fessed up and said she really didn’t want to be a fly swatter, even though it would have given her permission for the night to swat her little brother and get away with it! … Read more