Time to ask the age old question, so what do you want to be for Halloween this year… come on Batman, Spiderman, Power Ranger, anything else hanging on that Costco rack, Nope…Venus Fly Trap.  What?!  What kind of 4 year old wants to be a Venus Fly Trap? I guess my little bug , dirt, nature-loving little guy.  For weeks I ask him over and over hoping for a different answer and he never wavered so I decided that it was finally time to break out the trusty ol glue gun and make some magic happen.

Totally worth every excruciating burn to see the look on his face when he saw the finished product. His favorite part of course was all the teeth and the fly ready to be devoured. It’s a miracle it actually made it until Halloween, he chased his sister around the house for days trying to eat her with his hand mouths.  I tried to talk her into being a cute fly but she was for sure not wanting any part of that bug plant business, nothing would do but Hello Kitty this year…at least she made it easy for me a pink tutu and a little face paint.

Who would have thought so much happiness could come  from glue, felt, some coat wire coat hangers, and tons and tons of stuffing.  I have to say he definitely had the most unique costume I saw out that night and I couldn’t  help but feel I little pride whenever someone said “Where did you get that?”

The head and inside of the mouth are all felt with a wire coat hanger going through the top and bottom.  The pot is aslo just brown felt folded over and glued onto a geen shirt. The teeth I used foam paper.