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Coolest Expecting Barbie and Daddy-to-Be Ken Costume

My husband and I just found out we were expecting a baby the first week of October 2011. We decided we wanted to announce our big news around Halloween with original Halloween costumes. I have always been a big fan of Barbie so I thought making a Barbie and Ken couple costume would be fun! So, we came up with, “Expecting Barbie” and “Daddy-to-Be Ken”.

We received many complements on them, and everyone thought they were a great way to share our big announcement!

The costumes were made with 2 wardrobe sized boxes which we wrapped, on the inside and the outside, with wrapping paper. I cut handles into the inside of mine so I could hold it up, while my husband was just able to hold his by the bottom. We then printed out the writing we needed to decorate the boxes. Barbie was finished off with some belly “stuffing” and a wig, and Ken was completed with a Baby’s Daddy t-shirt?.

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