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Coolest Easy Mac Costume

I didn’t have a lot of time and saw this costume on this website!

I started with a laundry basket and cut out a hole in the bottom that was big enough for my son’s legs to fit through.

I bought a package of Easy Mac and removed the label from one of the cups. I cut it into sections and scanned the nutrition info portion, the directions portion and the label. I was able to blow up the nutrition info and directions and print each of them on an 8×11 sheet from my computer but I had to take the label to Staples to be reprinted on a larger sheet.

I purchased 2 pieces of blue poster board and cut and glued them to fit around the basket. I then glued the nutrition info on the back of the basket, the directions on the side and the label on the front.

I also purchased 3 pieces of yellow poster board and cut 2 of them up into pieces, which I rolled to look like macaroni and glued together. I then glued the pieces of macaroni to a rectangular piece of yellow cardboard.

Once my son stepped into the basket and it was adjusted to sit on his shoulders, I placed the piece of poster board with the macaroni on it into the basket in front of him and pushed it down enough so the poster board was not showing and it was secure enough to stay in.

It was an easy costume to make and everyone loved it!

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  1. I always love a clever, homemade costume the best. Your son is so cute, but he looks so solemn! I’m sure he enjoyed himself, and I hope he got lots of candy.


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