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Coolest Dora the Explorer Homemade Costume

I made this Dora the Explorer costume for my husband to wear at our daughter Paige’s 2nd Birthday. He just loves dressing up and entertaining the kids. It has kind of become a tradition now, the first question I get asked when I send the invites out is ” What is Tommy going to be wearing this year”?

I made the Dora head entirely out of paper mache.
I started off with a huge balloon then just started adding layer upon layer of newspaper. To get the shape of her hair I just rolled up bits of newspaper and used masking tape to hold it in place then again just added more and more layers of newspaper until it was the perfect shape.

The whole thing ended up taking me a week or so to get right but was definitely worth it in the end. Our daughter and her friends just loved it and the parents thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. I am still laughing now.

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