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Coolest Homemade Dora the Explorer and Friends Group Costume

All the people in the photo are teachers at a day school for children with autism and developmental disabilities. Most of the kids in the school love all the Dora the explorer videos.

For Dora’s costume it was simple, a hot pink t-shirt and orange sweatpants. She bought yellow ruffle socks and wore white shoes.

For Diego, we took an old army t-shirt and cut it into a vest. His logo is just paper and was colored in by marker. His shorts he got from the goodwill store, they were old boy scout shorts, along with a blue t-shirt.

Backpack is wearing a purple long sleeve shirt and purple pants, face was printed out from a website and traced onto felt.

The Map was made the same way. They both had similar faces.

Swipers belly is felt and mask as well. The tail is made out of cut orange and yellow felt and was connected to the pants belt loop by a binder clip. The blue gloves were just winter gloves.

For Boots the Monkey – blue pants and shirt were bought and the belly is tan felt. The tail is made out of rolled felt and glued together. The tail is connected to the pants belt loop by a ring. The red boots were red soccer socks over a pair of Ugg boots. An image of the hair was traced onto two pieces of felt, with pipe cleaners inside to make them stand up. The bottom of the felt was put through a headband. Red winter gloves were also bought as well.

The homemade Dora the Explorer and friends group costume took a lot of planning and had to be able to work in with very active kids. All felt was purchased at the local fabric/craft store. The colored pants were all purchased from the store Forever 21. Shirts/sweatpants/socks were bought from Target, Old Navy and Wal-mart. It was a great time and well worth the hard work that was put into finding and making everything.

Backpack, Diego, Map, Dora, Boots the Monkey, Swiper

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