My daughter CJ is in love with Dora the Explora as she calls it, as are all the rest of the toddler girls in the world. It was an easy decision to make her a Dora the Explorer Children Costume for Halloween. I found her the perfect color pink shirt at a craft store. We had orange shorts that were a little too long, so I hemmed them shorter. I had to search long and hard for yellow socks. I finally found some, so thankfully didn’t have to dye any on my own. And I was able to find a great pair of white shoes, even very similar looking to the ones that Dora herself wears!

My daughter has a natural spiral curl to her hair, so I straightened it (for the first time) so she could have “Dora” hair. So funny for me to see her with her hair straight! One of my favorite parts of this costume was making Backpack and Map. I just used felt to to make them both. Cut out the shapes of their eyes, mouth, and such and hot glued them. It all came together nicely!