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Coolest Adult Dora the Explorer Costume

I could not decide what I was going to go as for Halloween and I was looking all over the internet for an interesting/funny idea. One afternoon my sister and I were sitting in her living room just throwing out different ideas. Then sitting there on the couch I looked at my 3 year old niece’s Dora the Explorer chair and it clicked. I actually said to my sister “How funny would it be if you went as Dora” and then in the same breath I said “No! I should go as Dora” and then the ideas started flowing!

The next day I went shopping at a used close store. I found a plain pink shit to start, then I found some orange hospital scrubs that I cut and made into shorts. I then found a blue back pack that spray painted purple and got some felt and made a face for my back pack, then laminated a piece of paper that I dabbed with a tea bag for the map and also gave the map a face with felt. I then went and bought some Velcro white shoes and colored the bottoms pink. I also used some yellow felt for my socks and to make a flower shape for my bracelet. Unwilling to chop my hair off I got a wig that resembled Dora’s hair style, and to top it all off I got some bronzer and lathered myself in it!

And the Adult Dora the Explorer Costume was born!

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