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Coolest Donut Kids Costume

My son wanted a Donut Kids Costume for Halloween. First I bought a circular pool raft. It was pink and on clearance. Then I bought spray brown spray paint. Buy craft glue, Velcro strips, safety pins and Mike & Ikes.

I blew up the raft and spray painted it brown. Next I bought 2 sheets of white felt fabric at the local craft store. I cut the felt into a swirl like pattern, this will be the frosting. Wait until the spray paint dries, then turn over to spray the back. Then I used fabric glue to glue the frosting on it on the front of it. I used Mike & Ikes for the sprinkles. I glued these on with craft glue in a random pattern.

I bought two lengths of fabric with Velcro backing so I could hook around the raft. Then I attached using the fabric strips around the raft and pined on to my son’s brown shirt. You can use white face paint and just a dap of red on the nose to complete this look.

This was so cheap and easy to make and we got tons of praise, I am doing it again for sure.

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