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Coolest Homemade Chocolate Cupcake Costume

We started this Homemade Chocolate Cupcake Costume by looking for a hula hoop to provide the circular shape of the cup, but it’s fall here and no one sells hula hoops. So we headed to Home Depot and my engineer-brained boyfriend constructed two hoops, one slightly smaller than the other, out of plastic plumbing pipe, rebar holding wire and duct tape.

Brown construction felt was used for the chocolate cupcake bottom piece. It was attached to the hoops by just folding the fabric over and threading the unmade hoops through. Make sure there is enough fabric so it creates a crinkled effect. We attached ropes to the larger hoop and measured them to sit on my shoulders to hold the hoop. Bottom is complete!

Next piece is the most important, the frosting! We purchased pink tulle and made a triple layered tube of it that was extraordinarily long. After the tube is sewn, run a piece of fairly stiff wire through the entire tube and stuff with cotton batting. Then twirl the tube over your larger hoop on the ground so it mimics the shape of frosting. The wire should help hold the shape. Once the frosting is in place, stitch random spots of the frosting together for more support, but do so sparingly so you have a few spots for your arms to pop through. Leave about 3 feet of tulle tube at the top unattached with no wire running through it and extra empty tulle.

To wear put on the hoop suspended frame, then lift the frosting piece over your head. Wrap the remaining 3 feet of tulle tube around your head to make the frosting peak and tie down to the rope holding your hoops up on the inside.
Additional decorations can be added, such as sprinkles (cotton balls).

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