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Sweet Cupcake DIY Costume

If you want to be something short ‘n’ sweet for Halloween, this easy homemade cupcake costume is perfect!

All you need: felt of assorted colors (I used pink for the frosting, brown for the cake and cherry stem, red for the cherry, and yellow, blue, and a different pink for the sprinkles), hot glue gun, elastic, scissors, and headband.

To make the chocolatey bottom cake part, I used one yard of brown felt to make a pleated skirt. First, I made pleats along the top and bottom of the felt with the hot glue gun. Second, run elastic through the top and bottom of the felt. With elastic, you can make it adjustable to your size! Of course, you’ll have to make like a two inch tunnel to run the elastic through. So, make sure you have enough felt!

Finally, make the ends meet with hot glue. You’ll have a pleated skirt that is snug to your waist and legs. It creates a perfect cake shape for your bottom!

To make the frosting part, I used one yard of pink felt and a hot glue gun to make a pleated tube top. I only made pleats on the top part, the bottom part will just be tucked inside the skirt. Then, I ran elastic around the top part to keep it snug on me like a regular tube top. Again, make like a two inch tunnel to run the elastic through. Finally, make the ends meet with hot glue to form the tube top.

To make the cherry-on-top headband, I used a pre-cut red felt (paper letter size) and a hot glue gun. I stuffed the red felt with my leftover brown felt and formed it into a ball shape. Before gluing the top shut, I put a small, rectangular piece of brown felt sticking out to make the stem. Once its all dried, I hot glued the cherry to a black (to blend in with my hair) headband.

To make the sprinkles, I cut out rounded, rectangular shapes from the yellow, blue, and different pink felt and hot glued it to the frosting part.

It’s SO easy to move around in and if you want, you can add pockets to the skirt to hold your keys, lip gloss, and cell phone!

Remember, measure twice and cut once!

Cost: $30

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