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Coolest DIY Scooby Doo Group Halloween Costumes

We have 9 children in our family (ages 1-10) and we participated in a “Trunk or Treat” this year. We decided to include our van in our Halloween show – Scooby Doo and The Mystery Machine was the obvious best choice!

Three of our costumes were not homemade – 2 Scooby Doos and one Velma (borrowed from a friend). The rest of the DIY Scooby Doo Group Halloween Costumes were from scratch and totally homemade.

The Daphnes were a collection of purple shirts and one dress. I bought one of the shirts for $5 and the rest we already had. The white trim was ribbon that I paid $1.50 for and applied with 2 sided tape. The purple bows on the shoes were homemade (stapled together) and taped to our shoes. The green scarves were cut out of an old shirt. The headbands were from home and covered with some purple material that we already had – taped on.

The homemade Velma wore an orange shirt from home and her older sister’s red shorts, pinned to look like a skirt. The socks for both girls were soccer socks we had from 4 years of soccer seasons.

The Shaggies were easy – one of my green shirts and one of my husband’s and some mascara for a little scruff.

The two Freds – blue jeans, white shirts and orange scarfs. I couldn’t swing getting my husband to go blonde!

And the Mystery Machine – window chalk and construction paper applied to some car magnets. Plus one Scooby Doo table cloth, just to reinforce the whole idea!

There is an ‘extra’ cougar in this picture – she was the mystery we were there to solve. Turns out that she was the neighbor kid!

Total cost $35

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