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Fun and Sexy Costume Idea: Scooby Doo’s Velma Gets a 2013 Makeover

A few summers ago I got a pair of big sorta nerdy glasses that I love and wear every day. Definitely cuter than Velma’s traditional square frames though I never intended to compare to hers. Then I needed a change and chopped my hair off to a bob slightly shorter than my shoulders and suddenly everywhere I went I was being compared to her. After being told this by so many people I decided there was no better way to indulge my love of dressing up than to be her for Halloween.

My first step was to hit Google and double check what exactly her normal attire was. This turned out to be exactly what I had feared I remembered, a GIANT orange turtle neck, maroon pleat skirt, orange knee highs and maroon maryjanes. I disliked any of the store bought costumes and realized shes just a girl wearing clothes so I could make it myself. To start off I realized our of pure luck I already owned maroon maryjane heels ( Target) . I had purchased them 5 years prior for my birthday and though a little rough around the edges they were still in wearable condition. Nothing a little nail polish couldn’t fix.

So I headed to to mall trying to decide where the heck I was going to find an orange turtleneck. My first stop was ‘Forever 21’, I found this place helpful due to the fact they put clothes in large groups based on the color. I wandered my way to orange section and started riffling through it all. It became apparent very fast that Velmas clothes had been out of style for awhile. Suddenly I spotted a turtleneck and was unbelievably excited until I pulled it out and it was a crop top. What?!?!  Velma was too smart to cover her neck but then leave out her midriff. It was at that point I realized it was time she had a bit of a makeover. I had to stick with her fav colors maroon and orange but perhaps she had a recent confidence boost and thought she’d switch it up a bit. With that in mind I trifled through the store a bit more and found a thick maroon pencil skirt. I liked this because originally she has the vertical pleats and this one had horizontal pleats, so staying in her comfort zone of style but with a twist. She was never afraid to show a little thigh either so this worked.

It took looking through a lot of clothes at few more stores similar until I found my orange sweater. There was certainly not a lot of choices when it came to this color top. It was also not full body length but since I had chosen a pencil skirt this didn’t matter as much. It had a plunging neckline because I felt like Velma needed to unleash her chest area a bit from all the years in her turtleneck sweater. The orange socks were slightly more difficult, I was about to break down and color some myself when I found one pair of men’s dress socks at Target that seemed they would come up high enough to do the trick. All in all the hardest item to find was my Scooby Doo backpack. I checked kids stores and online stores for a stuffed version of him  and was only able to find ones online that were  more than I was willing to spend.  Out of a last resort I decided to check Hot Topic. There didn’t seem to be anything useful until my brother spotted the backpack in the top corner of the wall. I had someone grab it for me and it was perfect. After all I needed somewhere to carry my magnifying glass!! (Which came from my moms work).

I got home and put it all together and wa-la. I added curls to my hair since she was gonna be a little more fashion  forward and headed out to solve my case…Everyone knew in an instant who I was, and I had more fun than I have ever had in a store bought costume. I will be home making from now on.

Fun and Sexy Costume Idea: Scooby Doo's Velma Gets a 2013 Makeover

Fun and Sexy Costume Idea: Scooby Doo's Velma Gets a 2013 Makeover

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