We needed a theme and we were all girls and we didn’t want to do anything too  traditional so this is what we came up with. I had to be Shaggy because no one wanted to be him. Overall it worked out , had so much fun putting Scooby Doo Gang costumes together.

For Shaggy I went to the Goodwill, bought some brown corduroy pants and a long green shirt, bought a medium wig and cut it all over. For Velma my coworker bought bought a red skirt and red tights and some orange leg warmers, for glasses she used 3D glasses and an orange sweater. Daphne  had a purple dress and she dressed it up with white leggings and a red wig, some pink leg warmers . Fred-white sweater and a blue collar shirt, red bow from childrens school uniform and she pinned hair back. Scooby Doo was the only costume that was bought.