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Scooby Doo and the Gang Group Costume

Scooby Doo and the Gang!!!

Our challenge was to find all of our items second-hand and/or really CHEAPLY! We spent about $10 a person not including wigs. We wore our costumes for a church trunk or treat …everyone loved them!

Scooby was made by my 13 year old son with very little help from mom.

We used a ball cap, brown felt, black/white sticky felt, old sock( for his nose) and black felt on top in shape of a circle, and a ton of hot glue!! And we found the colla r(it was a headband with the dog tag attached). Also he used black sticky felt (cut into shapes) stuck onto a brown shirt (Scooby’s spots) and the largest pipe cleaner ever (found at Hobby Lobby) was attached to his belt loops as a tail.

Daphne-Purple skirt (thrifted), purple sweater (thrifted), hot pink tights, purple shoes(hardest item to find)green scarf, and red wig

Fred-White sweater (thrifted), blue collared shirt (thrifted), jeans, a scarf (thrifted) turned ascot and a “grandma” wig.

Shaggy-green t shirt (Walmart), old pants (from the 70’s we are guessing…THRIFTED!!!) and a crazy looking wig!

Velma-Orange t shirt and matching socks (Halloween aisle), red skirt (thrifted), glasses (used to be the kind with the nose/mustache attached, took them off), some freckles and a wig

And finally our villain!! My son wanted to be a cowboy so badly! So he was our villain!

He wore a blue shirt, jeans, hat, neckerchief all thrifted and fake handcuffs from his dressup box.

His sign said “And I would have gotten away with it to if weren’t for you meddling kids!”

Because we did the trunk or treat we also had a backdrop (seen in the photos). It was a jail for our villain, made from a shower curtain rod, foam pipe insulators (spray painted silver) and attached with shower curtain rings. We also made a sign to go on top in order to hide the rings and shower curtain rod.

The pumpkin head guy was a villain as well, as my son didn’t want to sit in jail all night!! It rained so badly that the trunk or treat was moved indoors so we set up our backdrop in the stairwell.

Hope this helps someone else with their Scooby and the gang!!  It was so much fun!!

The gang!

Fred and Daphne

Velma and Daphne

A good shot of scooby's head

The gang!

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